Coffees & Teas

Coffee & Tea Large 16oz cups
English Breakfast tea £1.50
Fruit & herb flavours £1.50
Filter coffee
molinari gold blend and robusta ground beans, filtered £1.50
Shot of strong espresso, topped with creamed milk and frothed milk £2.40
Caffe latte
Strong espresso shot topped with creamed milk £2.40
Caffe mocha
Shot of chocolate syrup, shot of strong espresso topped with creamed milk £2.50
Single or double shot of strong, robusta beans £1.50/1.80
Caffe Americano
Shot of strong espresso, topped with hot water to give a milder coffee £2.20
Hot chocolate 
Milk chocolate with creamed milk £2.20
Vanilla Mocha
Classic mocha with vanilla syrup and caramel cream £2.80
Swiss Caramel
Shot of espresso, white chocolate sauce & caramel syrup topped with creamed milk £2.80
Chocolate Nut
Dark & white chocolate sauce topped with creamed milk and almond syrup £2.80
Vanilla cream, caramel cream, baileys, chocolate syrup 40p
Smoothies Check out our flavours in store        £3.95