Hot food

Oven baked beef lasagna with tomato  from £5.00
Spinach and cheese ravioli with tomato
Penne with fresh chili and herb sauce
Ravioli with mushroom and cream
Tagliatelle carbonara
Thai red curry
Panang curry
Madras curry
Seyzchuan pork noodles
Sweet & sour chicken
Tortilla wraps
Mexican chicken fajitas
Black bean saucechicken noodles
Teriyaki chicken
Chilli con carne
Italian chicken stew
Jacket Potatoes
(jumbo size)
Plain £2.75
Tuna mayo £4.50
Cheese £3.75
Beans £3.75
Sweet corn £3.75
Coleslaw £3.75
chilli con carne £5.00
cheese & beans £4.50
chicken curry £5.00
extra topping £75p
Daily specials meat fillings
Beef stew with winter veg £5.00
Chicken pie £5.00
Chilly con carne £5.00
soups: fresh home made soup daily £2.80
We have a selection of the above every day