Sandwich Platters

Regular platter serves 4: £25.00

ham & mustard, cheese and pickle, egg mayo & crispy bacon, chicken salad, bacon lettuce tomato, turkey, cranberry and pork stuffing

Vegetarian platter serves 4: £25.00

cheese and pickle, brie and tomato, egg mayo, avocado & moxxarella, roated vegetables and goats cheese, mushroom marinara & mozzarella

Luxury platter serves 4:  £27.50

roast beef and horseraddish salad, smoked salmon & cream cheese, prawns & mayo, chicken bacon & rocket, spicy tuna and peppers, chicken & avocado

Melon fruit platter serves 10:  £25.00

cantaloup and ogeon melon, strawberries, grapes

chocolate box serves 10:   £25.00

muffins, brownies, cookie crumbles, white chocolate

minimum is 10 people

toasted panini must be provided individually wrapped, and not in presentation boxes: £6.50 per person