Sandwiches & Salads

Fresh thick sliced sandwiches
Double cheddar with sweet pickle £2.50
Fresh tuna with red onion £2.85
Roast Beef and Rocket £3.00
Smoked B.L.T £2.85
Egg mayo & Smokey bacon £2.80
Chicken & avocado & bacon £2.85
Fresh Salmon & cucumber £2.95
Thick sliced smoked salmon £3.00
Ham & cheese with mustard mayo £2.75
Fresh chicken salad £2.75
Egg & cress £2.00
Ham &  salad £2.75
Coronation chicken £2.85
Salmon Florentine £2.95
Salt beef & Swiss £2.90
chicken bacon & spinach £3.00
chicken & egg florentine, mustard mayo £2.90
egg mayo & peppers £2.70
thai piri piri chicken & coriander £2.95
honey mustard chicken with bacon £2.80
brie basil red pesto £2.60
Fresh salads
Fresh fruit salad £2.35
Fresh melon salad £2.35
Fresh tuna, spinach, bacon pasta £3.95
Italian chicken,red basil pasta £3.95
Fresh salmon & horseradish £3.95
Chicken Caesar, bacon, parmesan £3.95
Tuna Nicosia & basil £3.95
Sweet chili noodles & prawns £3.95
House salad, vegetarian,  (bit of everything) £3.95
Cajun chicken noodles £3.95
Greek salad £3.95
Tuna, avocado with french dressing £3.95
Salad, bar caesar with braeded escalope 5.50
Salad bar nicoise with fresh tuna chunks 5.50
Salad bar seafood with marinated squid 5.50
Ham, turkey, sweet pickle & mustard mayo £3.25
Ham & Eggs with mustard mayo £3.25
Pesto chicken, sun dried tomato £3.25
The beefy, horseradish sauce £3.25
New york deli, salt beef & swiss £3.25
Egg mayo & roasted tomatoes £3.25
Italian salami & mozzarella, with red pesto sauce £3.25
English cheddar ploughmans £3.25
Piri piri chicken £3.25
Crunchy baguettes
Fresh tuna, mayo & cucumber £3.20
Parma ham & mozzarella £3.20
Brie, basil & tomatoes £3.20
Ham, cheese & mustard £3.20
Ham, mozzarella, peppers & basil £3.20
Piri piri chicken £3.20
Chicken bacon avocado £3.20
Basil pesto chicken, sun drierd tomatoes £3.20
Chicken & egg mayo florentine £3.20
Cheese ploughmans £3.00
Pannini -& focaccia's
Chicken princess
Breaded chicken, cheddar cheese & lettuce
Chicken rocky £5.50
Breaded chicken, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms
Cajun chicken
Spicy chicken peppers tomato salsa
Mexican chicken from 5.00
Spicy chicken chilli peppers and mozzarella cheese
Mozzarella peppers aubergines
Italian job
Mozzarella avocado, sun dried tomato fresh basil mayo
Tuna melt
Fresh tuna , sweet corn and cheese
Chicken, bacon avocado
Breaded chicken, sweet bacon, avocado and mayo
Ham cheese & mushroom
With mozzarella cheese and tomatoes
Chicken & chorizo, with mozzarella
Grilled chicken, mozzarella, tomato, basil
Beef steak & cheese
Focaccia mozzarella, avocado
Focaccia, sun dried tomato and chicken
Focaccia vegetarian, selection of cheese and vegetables
Choose from a selection of breads and toppings from the Sandwich bar
Prices may vary from menu
Or choose from a selection of fillings and create your own panino

Salad bar Create your salad from £5.00